The Truth Shall Set You Free

A Biblical Perspective on The Law & Popular Culture by Keisha Toni Russell

Since Christians cannot rely on the media to truthfully educate them on current events, we must take responsibility for staying informed. By breaking down news, politics, and complex legal issues, I will help you spot deceit in popular culture and give you insights to view the world through a biblical lens.  

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Keisha Toni Russell is a constitutional lawyer with First Liberty Institute in Texas, a non-profit law firm that specializes in religious liberty litigation. Keisha is a sought-after speaker who writes op-eds in various national news outlets and delivers commentary on tv stations like CBS, Fox News, CBN, the Victory Channel and others.

Keisha graduated from Emory University School of Law and was a 2017 Emory University Graduating Woman of Excellence. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Keisha was a special education teacher in an elementary school in Atlanta, Georgia. Keisha grew up in Palm Beach County, Florida and currently lives in Dallas, Texas.